Outreach and Community

AMAAZE researchers are passionate about their work and many of us are happy to share our experience with the community. We have given talks and presented activities in K-12 classrooms and at museums, summer camps, lunch talks, colloquia, conferences, and corporate events.

If you are interested in having one of our researchers present in your classroom or at your event, please contact us at [email protected].

Current Community Projects

High School Math Students Engaging in Research

AMAAZE members from the University of Minnesota are currently working in partnership with a local high school math teacher to give high school students an opportunity to engage in research. These students are currently working on projects useful for the geometric analysis and classification of bone fragments. 

Broadening the Scope of Youth Engagement with Archaeology

To broaden the scope and potential for archaeological outreach and youth engagement, AMAAZE members from the African Paleosciences Laboratory have used their unique fieldwork opportunities and access to education and outreach skills in South Africa to design and disseminate a series of multilingual comic books that promote young black South African archaeologists and careers in African Paleosciences. They have now disseminated these comics to over 100,000 primary and secondary school children across South Africa. They hope to continue exploring options for education and outreach and to encourage student interest in STEM fields and their intersections with the paleosciences.